We are the talent hub for; Entertainment, Team Building, and Art Installations.
Whatever you need to add color to your gatherings, events, or workspace, we got it!

We offer a wide range of training programs and fun workshops for team growth & bonding to create a healthier workspace environment.

Team Building

We offer original performing arts, public art installations, workshops, staff management services to bring your event to full completion.


Entertainment that feeds your soul.
Our core values are Play, Expression, and Human Connection.

Partners & Clients

A snippet of the talent

Our drive is to create transformative experiences by converging unique dynamics of Art.
Art, a universal language that has the power to bring people in full connection, regardless of labels, race, & beliefs.

Our Community Festival

We host a yearly community festival, a conscious festival, filled with workshops, real talks, open stage performances, and marketplace to bring people together in an environment of growth filled with human connection and play.